Getting Started Guide

How do I start with IP Fabric?

IP Fabric is designed for on-premise deployments and to be as much Plug & Play as possible.

Before you start, it is necessary to prepare

  1. Virtual environment with sufficient resources to run the IP Fabric VM
  2. IP address for IP Fabric VM which will be able to access network devices via ssh or telnet. The IP address of the VM ideally should be from an existing management range, so you wouldn’t have to reconfigure ssh/telnet access security parameters, such as vty access-class on terminal lines or firewall rules.
  3. CLI network authentication credentials allowing necessary commands for viewing protocol status

Once the environment is ready, you can start mapping and verifying your network by following the steps:

For IP Fabric advanced usage check out documentation and our How to articles.

Do you have any problems? Check our troubleshooting guides or contact support.