(obsolete) Provide authentication information

Configure Network Infrastructure Access

Network infrastructure credentials are stored in Settings → Authentication. These credentials use IP Fabric to access the CLI of the network devices. Read-only (privilege level 1) credentials are sufficient for the discovery. If credentials are provided for configuration changes tracking and saved configuration consistency (i.e. they allow commands such as show run and show start), mark this set of credentials using the checkbox Use for configuration management

You can limit the validity of the credentials just for a part of your network by Use in subnet field. If more credentials are specified, a top-down algorithm is used when trying to login into a network device or the credentials priority can be changed using drag and drop.


Passwords For Enabled Mode

Privileged credentials are generally only necessary for configuration management. However, some platforms require privileged credentials to access basic network state information, such as MST spanning-tree state or 802.1X session information.

If enable mode is configured with no password and is needed for discovery, any enabled password information needs to be set! Otherwise, IP Fabric won’t even try enable command.

Please be careful to configure enabled password only for devices (subnets) that need enable password command to be included.
We encountered some problems with Cisco ISE. When an incorrect enable password was entered, the user account was locked and IP Fabric wasn't able to finish the discovery for those devices.