Run initial discovery

Run initial discovery

Now that you have entered the essential details, you can start the discovery!

Option 1 - via the Setup Wizard

If you haven’t yet, you can click on Start Discovery from Step 11 of the Setup Wizard.

Option 2 - via the Discovery Snapshot page

From the “Discovery Snapshot” page, click on + New snapshot and start the discovery:

IP Fabric will attempt to connect to the default gateway of the VM and any provided Seed IP Addresses. Once connected to a device, IP Fabric will fingerprint the vendor, model, and version, and adjust accordingly to run the necessary commands as per the Used Commands list.

After the discovery is completed, all of the state data is available in structured Technology tables, Diagrams, a MS Word Document Reports, or through API. Technology tables can be colored for specific verification or reporting using the Unknown Attachment button on the table heading row, which can then be displayed in a dashboard. At least two discovery runs are required to compare changes or to see rates and the delta counter data.

Enjoy using IP Fabric!

If no devices are discovered, or something is missing, check the knowledge base for known cases or contact support.