VMware NSX-T

VMware NSX-T

Starting version 4.3 IP Fabric supports NSX-T API.

NSX-T devices are discovered only through API.

To add NSX-T to discovery global settings, go to Settings → Advanced → Vendors API and press the +Add button

Afterward, choose NSX-T API from the list and fill in

General support information

  • IP Fabric is supporting NSX-T from version 3.0 and higher, development was done on version 3.1.2, the latest version is 3.2. We are not supporting the 2.x version, there are a lot of differences, Vmware’s end of general support was in September 2021. https://lifecycle.vmware.com/#/

  • NSX-T running as on-premise (there are also cloud versions for AWS and Azure, where can NSX-T cloud be deployed on top of AWS/Azure infrastructure ), but we don’t support it now

  • We don’t collect any data from vCenter, as NSX-T is multiplatform and supports KVM and bare metal servers as well, if those are connected to the NSX-T cloud, we will collect information about those also.

We are supporting those types of devices

  • Tier-0 router

  • Tier-1 router

    • also supporting VRFs

Not supported features

  • Load balancing

  • All security features (IPS/IDS, Distributed FW, Gateway FW, Network introspection) - planned to add security features in upcoming releases

  • Forwarding policies - planned to add in upcoming releases

  • VPN services

  • NAT

  • EVPN Vxlans

External connectivity

We are supporting both external connectivity protocols, which are implemented in NSX-T, and of course static routes. External connectivity can be done only on Tier-0 routers.

  • OSPF

  • BGP