Error Messages

The following table describes some of the know error messages, that may be observed during the platform operation.

Error Message

Next Step

Error Message

Next Step

“a request xxx Failed to fetch HTTP status: 504" followed by "Database seems to be overloaded"

Immediately after an upgrade or installation, error messages "a request xxx Failed to fetch HTTP status: 504" and "Database seems to be overloaded" might be shown after a successful login. This is because of index database maintenance. Please wait some time and then try to login to IP Fabric again. If it takes longer then an hour, don't hesitate to contact our service desk.

Error: AQL: internal error - in index

When any error containing Error: AQL: internal error - in index is shown after any main action after upgrade (for example after Unloading snapshot or starting Network discovery).

The database got corrupted (no worries all of your data are safely stored) and is necessary to run maintenance.

This can be done in Settings → Advanced → System in the main GUI. For more information see

If this does not help, we recommend restarting ArangoDB process in System Administration (port 8443) and running maintenance - see the previous step

Error: Resource Conflict

This error only shows up when a user tries to start a job for the second time (a specific task like discovery, maintenance, unload/upload snapshot) that is already scheduled.

Only one job can be executed at the time, so for example, if discovery is running and you will schedule snapshot unload and then attempt to unload the same snapshot for the second time, you will get this error.