Reinitiate system 'Boot Wizard'

The Boot Wizard needs to be completed during the IP Fabric virtual server deployment before the image installation begins. The Boot Wizard introduces the configuration of basic network parameters, including time zone, NTP, IP address, DNS or Proxy settings.
In case some of the initial parameters need to be modified after the installation is complete, the IP Fabric administrator may reinitiate the Boot Wizard by completing the following procedure.

Direct access to the virtual machine console is required after reboot

1 - Login as ‘osadmin’ via SSH and re-enable Boot Wizard and reboot

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 osadmin@demo4:~$ ipfabric-net-wizard ## Network configuration wizard has been enabled. Please reboot this VM. ## If you do not want to run network configuration wizard during next boot, ## run this command again with parameter "disable" (without quotes) osadmin@demo4:~$ reboot

After rebooting the IP Fabric server the virtual machine will automatically jump into the Boot Wizard.

2 - Access the VM hypervisor console and modify parameters in the Boot Wizard

Follow the Boot Wizard steps to update the settings.