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  1. Download qcow2 system disk to your KVM hypervisor

  2. Create a second qcow2 disk for data with size that corresponds to your network needs with the following command:

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    qemu-img create -f qcow2 ipfabric-data.qcow2 10G (up to 920G for 20 000 devices)
  3. Deploy VM to your hypervisor through virt-install utility by issuing the following command (CPU and RAM size might need to be adjusted according to your network size):

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    virt-install --name=IP_Fabric --disk path=<path to the first, larger disk with OS>.qcow2 --disk path=<path to the second disk for data>.qcow2 --graphics spice --vcpu=4 --ram=16384 --network bridge=virbr0 --import
  4. This command will deploy a new virtual machine with IP_Fabric name, two qcow2 disks, 4 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and will connect VM to the internet through virtbr0 interface (if your machine has a different bridge interface name or you want to connect it straight through the device network card to the internet you need to change --network parameter)

  5. This command can be altered as needed. For example, you can alter hardware resources according to the network environment size (check requirements).

  6. This command also starts up just created VM.

  7. Additionally, you can create and add a new empty virtual disk if necessary for local backups using the same command found at the step 2 > Increase disk space